The Integrated Transport Issues Roadwork and Facilities Permits in Abu Dhabi

Dated: 18/12/2018

Abu Dh­­­­abi - Sunday, December 16, 2018 – The Integrated Transport Center (ITC) of the Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi stated that it started the issuance of roadwork and facilities permits in the Emirate. That is in coordination with all its stakeholders in aim of improving the level of road safety in construction sites and assure the smoothness of the traffic flow.

ITC affirmed that such step comes in part of assuring the development of services according to the centre’s strategy that is designed to find out means of developing an integrated and sustainable road network that fully serves the public.

Permits requests should be submitted a month prior to the implementation date in order to plan the alternatives required to assure the smoothness of the traffic flow and plan it ahead in a timely manner.

The Center stated that the requests should be submitted along with other requirements and assure the compliance with the traffic permits conditions. The public are welcome to submit their suggestions and feedback that will be used to improve the procedures of the work that are followed.

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