Frequently Asked Questions

How can we book a taxi?

You can call the Call Center on 600 535353 to book a taxi and you will receive an SMS notifying you with the taxi number, the driver’s name and the approximate time of the taxi’s arrival to you. You can also download an app on your iPhone through the following link:  Click Here

What is the Center’s role and functions?

The Center for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars (TransAD) controls all the Taxi Transportation-related practices & regulations, and it’s responsible for executing the following duties:

  1. Outlining the general policy for transportation by public taxis and private (limousine) in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  2. Supporting and developing the transport by hire cars sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  3. Proposing suggestions related to the center’s activities and setting standards that govern the center’s relationship with contractors.
  4. Determining the taxi transport tariff  in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and approving it by His Excellency the Chairman of the Department of Transport
  5. Calling for bids and tenders related to the Transport by Hire Cars in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  6. Setting regulations, instructions, directions and decisions specifically related to the organization of all the activities of the Transport by Hire Cars in Abu Dhabi
  7. Setting financial and administrative regulations and approving them by His Excellency the Chairman of the Department of Transport
  8. Setting & preparing contracts for the center’s staff and approving them by His Excellency the Chairman of the Department of Transport
  9. Choosing the Transport by Hire Cars operators through calls for tender in accordance with the rules and regulations proposed by the Center’s Director and approved by His Excellency the Chairman of the Department of Transport
  10. Setting the terms and conditions for the licensing and approval process that include a certain amount of fee determined by the Center and approved by the Chairman of the Department of Transport.
  11. Providing Taxi Operators the right to operate and provide services in Abu Dhabi, in exchange of a given privilege to the center 

How are complaints handled?

A complaint filed by an individual or company is processed by the center in order to resolved the conflict and tension between the involved parties.

In case of criminal complaints, the case will be directly transferred to the specified units at the Abu Dhabi Police.

What is the role of Customer Service at the center?

The customer service unit at the center offers services to the general public including taxi users, former and current taxi owners who wish to revise paperwork and dues and former & current taxi drivers

The duties of the reception desk include:

  1. Renewal of new taxis only
  2. Registration of limousine companies
  3. Receiving permit requests from the western region, issuing of permits and sending them to the branch
  4. Issuing/Renewing new taxi drivers’ permits
  5. Issuing permits to privileged companies’ drivers (checking the required paperwork / theoretical and practical examination for drivers / renewing of or issuing drivers’ permits)
  6. Termination of old taxis (Selecting or changing the method of payment, receiving paperwork, and delivering the ATM cards and beneficiary certificates)
  7. Updating owners’ and drivers’ data
  8. Issuing Clearance Certificates to old and new taxi drivers
  9. Responding to all inquiries and questions
  10. Following up with all difficulties faced by the beneficiaries
  11. Sending requests to the National Bank of Abu Dhabi to open accounts and deliver cards
  12. Issuing Criminal Status letters of old taxi drivers
  13. Issuing discount cards to the Social Affairs beneficiaries

How much is the silver taxi tariff, and the Events tariff?


What are the duties of the Call Center?

  1. Receiving all calls related to booking a taxi and dispatching the requests based on the location, speed and other factors
  2. Call center agents are in charge of receiving complaints, reporting lost items, accommodating all customer service related issues, and answering questions related to taxis in a manner that guarantees quality service
  3. Coordinating with the Control Department to provide enough taxis during major events and festivals
  4. Coordinating with the Investigation Department to look into and finalize all complaints against taxi drivers and to minimize the number of complaints by finding appropriate solutions
  5. Searching for lost items through existing data by monitoring taxi movements 24/7

If customers and taxi users want to file a complaint, what is the procedure?

They can file a complaint via the following ways:

  • Call Center no: 600 535353
  • Filing an online complaint on the website
  • Fax no:  +971 2 417 3889

After filing the complaint, the investigation department looks into the case and takes necessary actions. It then sends a text message to the customer notifying him of the results.

Are there taxis for special needs passengers?

Yes, these taxis are available and can be booked by calling 600 535353 

What are the services provided to the special needs and welfare beneficiary customers in the emirate of Abu Dhabi?

Social subsidies beneficiary customers receive electronic discount cards that provide a specific discount off the taxi tariff in Abu Dhabi. A 20% discount off the total tariff is given to special needs customers, the elderly and those with physical disability. A 60% discount off the total tariff is given to Social subsidies beneficiaries such as widows and divorced women in an effort to ease the heavy fee burden of transportation.