About Us

The Center for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars (TransAD) was established pursuant to Law No. ‎‎(19/2006) issued by HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu ‎Dhabi.‎

The Center for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars supervised by H.E. the Chairman of Department ‎of Transport, but still has its own financial and administrative independence as well as full legal ‎capacity to manage taxi transport sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.‎

The center aims to develop the taxi transport sector to the highest international levels of quality. ‎TransAD increases the taxi transport reliability as comfortable and safe transport through the ‎development of Laws, regulations and governing principles, and through studying the changes in ‎demand of taxi service.‎

TransAD headquarter is located in the capital Abu Dhabi and other two branches in the city of Al Ain ‎and the Western Region. TransAD provides six main services to its stakeholders:‎

  • Customer Service and Call Center Services.‎
  • Licensing Services for taxi drivers.‎
  • Licensing services to franchisee and limousine companies.‎
  • Grievances services and complaints of taxi drivers.‎
  • Compliance and Services Quality Control.‎
  • Issuance of NOC for a taxi operation.‎

TransAD continuously monitors service quality, satisfaction and demand levels through conducting ‎drivers and passenger’s satisfaction surveys, as well as the mystery shopper studies and frequent ‎auditing of franchisee. TransAD keeps exploring best practices in taxi transport field through ‎participating in International conferences and workshops, using new knowledge, learning outcomes ‎in the strategic planning for continual improvement of taxi services in line with customer’s needs and ‎future directions of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as following:‎

  • The development and training of human resources (e.g. staff, drivers and operator ‎companies). ‎
  • The development of the infrastructure to keep pace with business requirements and passenger ‎comfort.‎
  • Environment preservation and energy sustainability (e.g. starting running CNG taxis.)‎
  • Signing MOUs agreements and strategic partnerships with concerned institutions, companies ‎and government departments and companies.‎

TransAD has several pioneering projects (e.g. completed or under construction), for example: ‎

  • Self-booking related projects (IVR, mobile application ... etc.)‎
  • TransAD village Project
  • Retrieval of beneficiaries certificates project and ‎
  • Many of environment, health and safety related projects.

Our Vision:  

Our vision is for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to have:

Safe, smart, sustainable and globally recognized Hire Car service standards!

Our Mission:  

The Centre is on a mission:

To establish and govern internationally recognized Hire Car standards that are innovative and aligned with smart government initiatives and sector benchmarks

Our Values: 

To make our vision and our mission a reality, we have listened to industry representatives and our stakeholders to identify 6 overarching principles for the Centre. We have then identified the key strategies to deliver the matching outcomes and briefly elaborated upon actions to be taken to deliver upon these strategies.

  • Excellence - We continuously strive to distinguish ourselves by delivering results of the highest quality.
  • People Care -We work round the clock towards the governance of Hire Car frameworks that cater to the needs of public transport by ensuring availability, reliability, and safety & security.
  • Accountability - We are committed towards the achievement of our objectives by ensuring that the Hire Car Operators are adhering to our standards and accountable for their performance.
  • Efficiency - We continually improve efficiencies by responsibly managing resources to achieve our goals.
  • Integrity - We maintain ethical, fair and high moral standards in our working environment.
  • Social Responsibility - We are dedicated to social need causes and the ‘green’ environment.‎